Welcome to Crazyswarm’s documentation!

The Crazyswarm projects allows you to fly a swarm of quadcopters (using Bitcraze Crazyflie 2.0 directly or as control boards) in tight, synchronized formations. A motion capture system is recommended (VICON, OptiTrack, Qualisy are supported). We successfully flew 49 Crazyflies using three Crazyradios. An example video for what you can do is shown below:

The Crazyswarm architecture, including some motivation for the design decisions, is described in our paper [pdf].

A talk at the Aerial Swarms Workshop at IROS 2019 includes a primer on how to use the Crazyswarm and a bibliography of papers using the Crazyswarm: Slides [pdf].

If you use our work in academic research, please cite us:

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Our contributed code is licensed under the permissive MIT license, however some of the parts (such as the firmware) are licensed under their respective license.


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