Crazyswarm has the following software architecture.

  • crazyflie_tools These are command line tools that can be used using rosrun crazyflie_tools <name> <arguments>. These tools include methods to list logging variables, parameters, and to reboot individual crazyflies.

  • crazyswarm_server This application is the core of the Crazyswarm. It provides the ROS interface, communicates with the robots and the motion capture system.

  • pycrazyswarm This is a simplified Python library to use the Crazyswarm. It has two backends: the physical backend (communicating with the crazyswarm_server) and the simulation backend. The simulator uses parts of the official firmware for software-in-the-loop simulation. For performance reasons, the simulation does not include the dynamics and rather visualizes the setpoints.

  • Helper libraries We provide a unified interface for different motion capture systems (libMotionCapture), a way to track rigid bodies frame-by-frame even with unique marker configurations (libObjectTracker), and a library for the low-level communication with the Crazyflie robots (crazyflie_cpp).

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